Asics boosted completed views by 41% while championing mental health charity, Mind, in YouTube campaign


increase on the 100% view of the 30-second creative vs the business-as-usual results


of viewers that reached the unlock point went on to complete the full 30-second creative


viewability rate, +18% higher than our 70% benchmark

A personal best is not just a number, it’s a feeling. Steering away from the stop at nothing mentality that creates an intimidating culture putting off 1 in 3 from exercise, Asics reframed how exercise helps your mental health feel its personal best.

The “A New Personal Best” campaign set out on World Mental Health Day to maximise reach and raise awareness of Asics’ connection to the event with its purposeful mental health initiative. Partnering with Good-Loop and Performics at Starcom, Asics ran a self-serve Don’t skip to donate Good Format across four European markets on YouTube and CTV, incentivising a donation to a mental health charity partner relevant to each location, including Mind, for viewers that refrain from skipping the ad.

Campaign KPI

Earn attention

Format & channel

Don’t skip to donate - YouTube

Good fuel

Unlock a donation to Mind

The 30-second campaign saw a 41% increase in the 100% completion rate compared to business-as-usual results. The Good Format drove eyes to the ad despite the option to skip and kept them there, with 93% of viewers hitting the halfway/ donation unlock point completing the full 30-second creative.