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Measure, understand, and reduce the carbon impact of digital campaigns—with no impact on cost or performance.

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We’ve made it easy to make real-time changes that drive down the emissions of digital advertising.

Good Measures

A pixel for the planet. Our proprietary ad tag measures and tracks the carbon impact of any live digital campaign.

Good Insights

Spot digital waste fast. Our green dashboard allows you to track emissions in real-time, broken down by publisher, ad type and more.

Good Results

Make change happen. Our tools help you filter and select greener media partners, track sustainability progress and optimise ad creative – making curbing emissions simple.

Small actions.
Big changes

The internet’s carbon footprint is 4x the airline industry. But it doesn’t have to be that big.

We’ve reduced the carbon emissions of digital campaigns by up to 41% by using our insights to make live ads less intensive. With zero impact on performance and no changes to the ad creative.

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