Battling the stigma around feminine intimate care, Canesten partnered with Good-Loop and earned an 83% surge in purchase intent


completed view rate, 10% higher than the benchmark 


felt the Good-Loop campaign was a positive reflection of Canesten

6 in 10

were more likely to watch the Good-Loop ad compared to a standard ad

Battling the stigma around feminine intimate care. That’s what Canesten set out to achieve given their insight that due to its stigma, women remain undiagnosed and unmedicated for trush despite being experienced by 75% of women in their lifetime.

Canesten’s annual campaign set out to raise brand awareness and shift the dial to a positive perception through a purpose-led player framing a product-focused creative. Bayer, partnering with EssenceMediacom and Good-Loop, ran a Don’t skip to donate Good Format across programmatic video, incentivising viewers to select one of three women’s health charity partners to receive a donation as a reward for hitting the halfway point of the ad and choosing not to skip.

Campaign KPI

Raise awareness

Format & channel

Don’t skip to donate - Programmatic video

Good fuel

Unlock a donation to women’s health charities

The On Device brand lift study revealed that 6 in 10 were more likely to watch the Good-Loop and Canesten proposition than a standard video ad, with 75% feeling the campaign was a positive reflection of the brand. The Good Format, receiving an 80% completed view rate, drove attention to the 30-second video ad and drove a positive sentiment toward a brand often muted by the stigma of feminine intimate care.

“We're excited to partner with Good-Loop and Bayer Consumer Health. Not only has our partnership raised [a significant amount of money] so far, but we've also built a long-term relationship with Bayer thanks to the introduction from Good-Loop. We love that this form of advertising is helping the public to hear about our free services for young women as well as providing much-needed funding for our work.”

Lily Kendall, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Young Women’s Trust