Out with the old,

in with the good.

Welcome to the new age of ads.

This is the next chapter in the story of the multi billion-dollar advertising industry.

For 7 years we’ve been making it easy and profitable for big brands to do good at scale through Good-Media™. Our smart approach to advertising forges a stronger connection between brands and people, by delivering ads that people actually watch. The ads have a positive impact on the world, giving people a better ad-experience and brands higher engagement, higher recall, and the trust of their audience.

Giving good
things to those
who watch

The advertising industry can achieve amazing things. Our vision has always be to take its creativity, intelligence, and leadership and apply it to doing business in a way that’s better for people and the planet—without sacrificing profit. Because doing good is good for business.

We’ve been carbon conscious from day one, officially carbon neutral since 2021 and now working to reduce our footprint even further. We became a BCorp in 2019 with a score of 84.3 and since then, we've increased our score to 96.9. Our smart approach to advertising has raised over $11 million for good causes so far, helped to reduce advertising carbon emissions, and reinforced our commitment to support quality and responsible journalism, turning the industry into a force for good. But that’s just the start. Now, discover everything else we’ve done:


Transparency is key to driving change. Take a closer look at our latest Impact Reports.

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