Powerful ad formats that bring purpose to life to earn brands more attention, trust and recall

Proven to earn more attention than normal ads, our Good-Media™ formats boost performance by allowing consumers to unlock donations for causes they care about when they engage with ads.

Our formats.

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Watch to donate

Incentivise views on skippable ads

View to donate

Attention grabbing formats for video and display

Scan to donate

Gain active engagement with CTV and DOOH

Swipe to donate

Add more value to social ads

Listen to donate

Increase recall on audio campaigns

Attention earning


Ads viewed for more than 2 seconds generate 6x greater spontaneous brand recall. Good-Loop ads are viewed for an average of 3.7 seconds.

Trust building


Brands achieve up to 75% increase in brand consideration with our ad formats.

How it works.

Run our formats across any ad with ease.

Choose an unlock action

Choose how to unlock a donation in your ads. Viewers can watch, scan, tap, swipe, listen, or simply choose not to skip to unlock a donation.

Use good to fuel the outcome

We bring your brand together with meaningful causes, making it easy for you to raise funds through your media spending.

Plan by channel

Run our formats across video, display, social, CTV, DOOH, YouTube or audio.

Ads in action


Watch to Donate


View To Donate

Nature Valley

Don't Skip To Donate


View To Donate


Don't Skip To Donate


View To Donate

In with the good.

Explore our Good Media ™ Products.


Measure, understand and reduce your ads carbon impact

–10% CO2E emissions

2022 Q2-Q4


Find good audiences. Fund quality journalism.