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Good-Loop has built the Good-Media™ Academy, teaching agency teams the principles that make up the foundation of the category we founded - Good-Media™.

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Take control of growing your good.

There's no catch

Free. That's right, there's no cost. We don't believe in gatekeeping information that empowers you to do good.

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Built-in accessibility features as standard to help you take your leaning at your pace.

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Approved by our Carbon Literacy Trainer, providing your team with a valuable qualification.

Small actions.
Big changes.

The internet accounts for 4% of global emissions - that's a larger footprint than the airline industry. It doesn't have to be that big.

Yet 62% of agency folk believe there are not enough training programmes on sustainable media. We can help with that.

Decarbonise your Digital Media

Carbon reduction that isn't complicated.

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All bases covered.

Decarbonise your Digital Media modules.

WTF is climate change?

We've all heard of the climate crisis, but what does that mean - and what does it have to do with me and the media?

Beyond buzzwords

Breaking down the carbon jargon, we look at the lingo shaping up sustainability conversations and what this means for advertising climate claims.

Getting started

How can you decarbonise your digital media, right now. How the industry are rising to the challenge and the technologies you can implement today.


Walking the talk.

We’ll always be committed to doing good as a business.