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The new age of ads.

Fuel performance by aligning your campaign objectives to a good goal with our products

Good Formats.

View, listen, tap, scan, or swipe to donate.

Ads, except they’re watched.

Unlock better results by incentivising viewing, listening, tapping, scanning, or swiping. Each can be a way for consumers to make donations funded through campaign media spend.

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Free donations
unlocked in

Attention earning


Our ads achieve 3.7s of active attention. That’s 2s longer than the industry standard.

Trust building


Brands achieve up to +21% increase in brand consideration with our formats.



Campaigns run with us increase brand recall up to +75% vs control groups.

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Good Measures.

Measure, understand, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Go Green.

One tag, a world of impact. Our tools help you measure and reduce the carbon footprint of your ads, without impacting campaign performance.

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–10% CO2E emissions

2022 Q2-Q4

Meaningful results


We help brands reduce their ad emissions by up to -41%.

Clear insights

Our dashboard tool helps you make simple decisions that create big differences to your campaigns.

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Good Packages.

Find good audiences. Fund quality journalism.

Good news.

We’ve packaged up our expertise to make it easier to find audiences aligned to your message. Run across relevant sites and give back through your media spend with packages.

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A mark of good.

Every ad run with us has our Good-Media™ mark. So viewers know your ads do good.