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Digital ads, decarbonised.

Measure and understand your carbon performance with our Good Measures suite.

For every 10,000 impressions your ad serves, 11kg of CO2e is released. That’s like driving 100 kilometres in a diesel car.

We’re making carbon measurement simple to measure and easy to action.

119 variables.
1 carbon signature.

Every ad impression has a unique carbon signature, based on 119 possible variables. Across distribution and consumption, we measure these variables to produce one simple figure.

The carbon signature is our most accurate campaign scoring method, aligned to the GARM industry standard with additional granularity built in using our tech to analyse in-flight data.

Measure my carbon signature

Seeing things differently.

Reporting on your emissions now comes with total confidence.

Tackle digital waste.

Good Measures helps you discover digital waste in your campaigns, so you can take action with confidence.

Reduce unnecessary emissions.

We analysed 7 billion impressions across the 2023 Q1 campaigns of a giant retailer and found that ads that did not meet viewability criteria were responsible for 42% of the total greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s 3,650,457kg of CO2e from digital waste in one quarter.

Introducing our new action centre.

Bring your carbon signature to life in our Good Measures action centre to make meaningful reduction. See in-flight data and learn how to take steps to reduce your the amount of CO2e in your campaigns.

Meaningful reduction.

We helped an auto giant reduce their emissions across one campaign by 41%. By using our insights to make their live ads less intensive with no changes to the ad creative, we stopped over 100kgs of co2e from being released into the atmosphere.

Good Packages.

Brands can achieve responsible reach across the 25% lowest-emissions publishers.

Good for the Planet Package

We make it easy for brands to invest in low-emitting publishers. Using the tech from our publisher tool, we help advertisers find and fund publishers that have better carbon performance.

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Publishers will never pay.

We’re offering all publishers free access to our tech and tools with Good Measures for Publishers.

Part of our commitment to making media decarbonisation simple and accessible for everyone.

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We’ll always be committed to doing good as a business.